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Our main investment focus areas are:

Crop technology, digital agriculture, supply chain technology and food & health innovation.


Crop Inputs and Protection

Technologies used to enable, protect, and increase yield. These include things like biological pesticides/herbicides (natural versus chemical protective agents), and plant stimulating agents.

Precision Agriculture

The utilization of digital technologies on the farm, or in a farm implement, that enable data capture, processing, and decision making at the point of capture.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

The production of agricultural products in a controlled environment whereby the outputs are consistent, and not subject to variability that can result from changing weather or inputs.

Plant science

The development of plant germplasm to improve function of a plant or enable a new function altogether.


Marketplaces and Fintech

Enabling technologies that allow for the direct sale, purchase or trade of products and services, while avoiding traditional distribution and retail channels. Some offerings allow access to insurance and financial services through these data-enabled platforms.

Supply Chain Technology

Food safety and logistics technologies that reduce waste and protect consumers.

Animal Health

Technologies that promote animal health and wellbeing, including the reduction of antibiotics.

Sensors and Farm IoT

Software and hardware systems that can interface and monitor specific applications on the farm. These include weather stations, soil and moisture monitoring systems, and farm implement data capture devices, to name only a few.


Novel Food and Ingredients

Foods and ingredients that have improved health attributes and enable clean labels/improve overall nutrition

Food Waste and Sustainable Packaging

Technologies that reduce post supply-chain food waste, including smart packaging systems with reduced environmental impact.

« eFood »

Technologies that leverage data and mobility applications to enable access to healthier food and ingredients..

Food as medicine

Approaches that utilize the molecular basis of food and nutrition to treat disease indications in diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many others.